Dear Stranger?

Nice to meet you, We’ve crossed paths more than once, The first time, I was blue, The second time, I was red, The third time, I was purple. That’s my face, My emotion, That’s what I do.   I didn’t run up to you, Or wanted to say what’s good like a normal guy, Instead,… Continue reading Dear Stranger?

Celebrities That Inspire Me To Be Me We all have major influences that play a role in our lives. Thank you for those people and for you being who you are! Check out the link above!      

Stress and Offenses

People stress. Over everything. Money, Cars, Clothes, Even other people. It’s hard to explain, Because when it comes to stress, There is no such thing as a sequel.   We constantly put in work, Cry, Deal with pain, Yet, be happy. Wondering why are we playing this game? Heaven is our hall of Fame.  … Continue reading Stress and Offenses